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  • Do it yourself 93 Dispute Letters Pack

Do it yourself 93 Dispute Letters Pack

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93 Dispute Letter Library (Includes our Bureau Dispute & Advanced Creditor Dispu


This is for those who need to see improvement in their credit scores because they are trying to buy a house, a car, or just to have good credit.

Disputing online through websites like Credit Karma or the credit bureau's sites will only give you limited or no results. The best option for disputing is to mail in dispute letters.

Don't limit your options by just using a 609 letter. There are other successful ways to deal with the accounts on your credit reports.

These 93 Sample Dispute Letters Will Give Examples Of What To Say In Every Possible Credit Situation You May Face.

You'll find letters that you can send directly to the credit bureaus, collection companies, and creditors. All the guesswork is taken out of creating a dispute letter. You just need to plug in your information and send it.

Letters Specifically Cover:
Collections of any kind (medical bills, phone bills, cable bills, apartment debts, payday loans, credit cards, personal loans etc.)
Charge offs of any kind (repos, credit cards, loans, retail finance accounts, etc.)
Late Payments
Pay for Deletion
& Many More Situations

This product purchase is for the tools given (dispute letters) and does not come with expert advice on the use of these tools.

All sales on digital products are final but let me know if you have issues receiving the product after purchase.

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